Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'Street-Art'

This is another personal project of mine:  One day to pack my bag and gears and shoot some Street-Arts around Australia.
Well...not there yet and have seen already a lot of magazines or books around with magnificent Street-Arts but I still want to add if possible a subject to it...
Anyway, here is my latest... I considered myself so lucky to have finally shot those, they closed-off the area for demolition/work in progress for a new shopping area, but I bumped into someone who allowed me to get in (only short time) so...  here are some photos of the shoot ...
(loved the effect of flash giving shadows to it)
Let me know what you think :) !

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Have a fantastic week !!


  1. Je trouve ces photos superbement faites et j'ai une préférence pour la première qui nous baigne dans un univers franchement grandiose. Pour moi ces photos sont toutes réussies. J'en demande encore.

  2. Sympa cette association "tag et personne".


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