Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'Backstage with Johnny Balance'

This is a personal project/album that I wanted to start some time ago but never got the chance to get organised with it but... yayyy !  Finally getting started !
Backstage/Behind the scene photos of the talented Johnny Balance at the Clarendon Guesthouse (Katoomba NSW) 'The Rocky Horror Show'...  Johnny's got so much talent and is such a natural at this ... so if you ever have a chance to see him perform, don't miss it ! Highly recommendable !!

Enjoy !!
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'Mountains Archery Competition 2012'

Hi There...

Again, have been neglecting this blog, I guess getting close to December, 
we always have so much on :)...
Anyway, a serie of shots from the Mountains Archery competition this month, it was such a beautiful day,  the sun was out, no wind ! perfect for a competition!
and everyone has done such a good job, way to go everyone !!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'First snow'

Hi everyone...
Neglecting my posts these days... have been busy doing bits and pieces but anyway... 
I'm back again...

We've been lucky this year and had a little bit of snow couple of weeks ago...  and while everyone was probably taking photos of gorgeous white carpeted garden and pretty somethings... I went to a darker and peaceful place...

Bonjour tout le monde... je neglige mes postes en ce moment... pleins de choses a faire comme d'habitude mais me revoila ...
On a eut de la chance il y a deux semaines ...on a eut une petite tombee de neige... et je sais que tout le monde a certainement ete' prendre de jolies prises dans des jardins tout couvert de blanc de neige, suis allee dans un coin dark et plus paisible ...

Thank you for your comments :)... 
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Have a great week !
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Passez une superbe semaine !

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'Winter Folies'

Last week-end, went to Winter Folies at the Clarendon (Katoomba NSW).
Had such a fantastic time ! Some talented artists under one roof that night ! Expect some burlesque/cabaret kind of style.... what a thrill and absolutely brilliant show !! Highly recommended !
Here some pics of the gorgeous Ava Torch and boy is she gorgeous or what ?? and she sings amazingly well too !!...

La semaine derniere, suis allee a une soiree: 'Winter Folies' a l'hotel Clarendon (Katoomba NSW).
C'etait vraiment quelque chose de voir autant de talentueux artistes en une seule soiree ! style...burlesque... cabaret....trop genial et un spectacle que je recommanderais a n'importe qui pour sure !
Quelques photos de Ava Torch ... une chanteuse locale qui a non seulement un charme fou mais aussi a une de ces voix !! Magnifique !!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'WinterGirl'

Winter is definitely upon us and as soon as the weather cleared...
felt like a Winter Fashion shoot...
What do you think ?

L'hiver est enfin de saison (moi qui n'aime pas trop le froid)... mais des qu'on a eut un peu de beau m'entend... la pluie qui s'est arrete' pour un petit moment, j'ai eut envie de faire un shoot penche' sur la mode...
Qu'en pensez-vous ?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'HungerGames in the Blue mountains' ?

Inspired by the 'The HungerGames' serie books (which I read them all)... but when the movie came out, it looked nothing like what i have imagined...  I guess I somewhat... glamourised it a bit and added a touch of my own :)... One of my friend calls these shots 'The Pocahontas serie' so to show that we all interprete things in a different way.
Taken back in January but we had the worst weather/summer of all.  Litterally cold, freezing, windy and... raining !! Did only few shots and we had to pack up.  Those are some of my fav. What do you think ?
Inspire' par les livres des 'HunterGames'... mais lorsque le film est sorti, y'avait absolument rien a voir avec ce que j'avais imagine'... Je suppose que j'ai plus ou moins glamorise' un peu la chose et rajoute' ma petite touche personnelle :)... une de mes amies appelle ce shoot 'La serie Pocahontas' ...pour dire que... on interprete tous les choses differemment.
Prise en Janvier ou on a choisi le plus pire des jours ! Il faisait froid comme pas possible, du vent et en pleuvait !! Qlqs prises et on a ensuite du tout ranger.  Celles-ci sont qlqs unes de mes prefere'es... qu'en pensez-vous ?

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'SallyNouveau' at the Ironfest 2011

ohh... I know... you've read it right !! Ironfest 2011 !! I am so behind with my post but must say that it's because I didn't know Sally's name then, and because I found her recently on Facebook (because I also joined Facebook few months ago).  Have finally allowed myself to show those pics of Sally.
She is such a gorgeous girl to photograph (and I'm sure everyone has photographed her as well :)... love her exotic beauty, her costume and with a touch of steampunk too !!,...the lines, the movements (as she is a belly dancer of the Blue mountains)... check my pics and tell me what you think :)

(Ohhh je sais... des photos de l'annee derniere de 2011 ! je suis un peu en retard mais c'est aussi parce que je ne connaissais pas son nom a cette fille et comme je viens de m'inscrire recemment sur Facebook, hey l'y ai trouve' aussi !   Ce fut un plaisir de la prendre en photo (et je suis sure que tout le monde l'a aussi pris en photo) puisqu'elle fait  la danse du ventre un peu partout locallement pour les fetes, les festivals ect...) sa beaute' exotique, son costume en plus avec une touche Steampunk !  les mouvements ect... j'adore ! qu'en pensez-vous ??

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'Phantom of the Opera'

Photo session early this year for an advert. for Dance For Life! with the theme
'Phantom of the Opera'.   
(Seance-photo pour la pub d'une Ecole de danse avec comme theme: 'Le fantome de l'Opera')

... everyone had a bit of fun too at the end!! :)

 ... Too many photos to show, but this one (below)  was the pick for the advert. and of my favourite in terms of lighting, lift/pose/posture ect...(just to show that it helped to have a passion for dancing and have done some ballet in my...young time hehehe!!:)
What do you think ?

(Trop de photos a montrer mais celle de dessous a ete' la photo officielle pour leur pub., mais aussi ma prefere'e pour l'eclairage, la pose ect...comme quoi... ca aide d'avoir fait un peu de danse classique dans ma jeunesse ...(lointaine :)
Qu'en pensez-vous ?