Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer: 'Friends'

These trio girls wanted a fun photo-session, being all in different High school or class and yet, have kept their friendship for quite some time and wanted me to capture this special time in their lives.
Being all girly... they had a ball dressing-up, ... except that now... they no longer wanted to be
fairies or princesses but rather ... dark and goth lol ! ...  

Inspired by the movie 'St Trinian's


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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blue Mountains Photographer: DANCING FEET !'

Last week-end, I went to shoot a dance concert !
What a thrill for me because I absolutely love the dance side of it
(I always wanted to be a dancer but could never pursue one of those dreams and ...
didn't have the body anyway !)   
but I tell you also something ... I've got that thing about ... shoes... dancing feet
(I allowed myself to express this visually) so... those shots are for me LOL !

What do you think ?

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer: 'LESS is MORE'

Funny how simple things can make an impact just as they are...
'Less is More' so they say
and I do agree for this as well...

Simple things, simple background, simple lines...
Absolutely love that simple, fuss-free photo session !

(Merci Samy si tu passes par ici !)



Monday, November 14, 2011

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer: Published in Photo-Book !

I always said that this year... IS my year... My year of making things happen...  I take the plunge... I set up this blog to showcase/promote my work.
Being self-taught, I learn even more from books, from magazines, from people, from my lows and highs... from what surrounds me... I am more confident in what I do  ... I shoot shoot shoot !!
and... I also get a buzz to enter competitions !

So...  My very first competition in a french magazine!  (I feel it is so important for me to keep my french background/connection on a creative level... well... we just don't know where life could take you huh ?) ...

Well .. I didn't win BUT... from 572 participants, I was so excited to hear that, I was within
the 100 selected and published in a book !! oh my goshh..isn't this a thrill or what ?!!! 
I love how the french do things, they always have good cause for things or competitions and this one is one of them: 
All the benefits received for the sale of this book (through Photobox www.photobox.fr) will be going to an international solidarity association Aide and Action (www.aide-et-action.org). The financing brought within the framework of this operation will contribute to help increase the cause of “Education for all” in more than 15.000 schools throughout the world. 
How fantastic is this !
This book is conveniently available in 3 sizes and can be ordered HERE

Anyway, here is my entry  with the theme: 'Bienvenue chez moi' 
(translated to: 'Welcome to my home') 
a very interesting theme with so many different interpretations to it!  This competition made me realise that often, it's not how perfect is a photo (and anyway, to whose eyes is seen 'perfection'?) but more...  how you interprete it and how you explain your choice of photos...

What do you think ?

Thank you for your visit, your feedbacks/comments are always appreciated,  
I am very interested to know how 
YOU would react to this photo (considering the theme given)
I know... hardly 'welcoming' lol ! but I subtitled it: 'Hope'
I guess ...up to everyone to interprete it their own way

Have a fantastic week !

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'Gorgeous Cupcakes !'

I know... I love my portraits (to be able to capture a personality or a mood through my photography really is rewarding for me!) but it is not to say that I can't appreciate or shoot anything else ! 
In fact, I absolutely love my macro/close-up shots ! So.... I just thought to show you something different for this post...

Check out what was delivered to our door this morning... a scrumptious surprise !!  In fact so scrumptiously good looking things that... couldn't help taking some shots  ... before they all went !
I tell you what... they were as deliiicious as they looked LOL !!

Those yummy cupcakes can be ordered HERE

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer: 'DARK PRINCESS'

I ALWAYS wanted to take some shots at this location on a misty day (to give that dark/gothic feel to my photos), which means... really early in the morning, wintery, cold... but I was lucky that day... it was in fact... an early  morning in Summer can you believe this ??
I guess in the Blue mountains... you have to expect all sort of weather !
And Samy happened to be around so... was pretty thrilled about it !

(MERCI Samy si tu passes par ici :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer: 'PRETTY PRINCESS in PINK' '

Photo session with the gorgeous 'Grace' as the Little Princess in Pink.
It was such a glorious day that day (considering the past and present weather at the moment...)
and little Grace had an absolute ball dressing up and playing along !
Thank you to A and S for trusting my work :)

I just wanted to give an old feel vintage look to that photo and absolutely love the result from the picture below !
What do you think ?

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer: 'BLUE WALL'

Hi there...
I've got that thing about... BLUE walls ! Just looove them ! and funny how they are always interesting for texture ect... and give nice colours to skin tones...
Definitely my thing for photography !
Well, couldn't pass that one found locally in an alley, and
THANK YOU  George  for playing along ! :)

Thanks for visiting!  Do let me know what you think of these shots and do encourage George,
he's been such a good model...
If you ever know an interesting wall or another blue wall ... let me know the location... I'd love to check it out ! ;)
(although... everything can be altered with PS of course, but i'd like to shoot actual places, I always get a buzz !

***NOTE:  I entered those 2 pics in a photo competition and i'm so excited because i've made it to the final 50 finalists with the 2nd pic ! yayyy !!***

Have a Great w-end !

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer: 'DArk Daisy'

Hello there...
Oh my goshhh ... time just flies... We are already in September and officially in 'Spring' season around here !! ... Been busy catching-up with friends and doing  few things on personal level ect... and....  I couldn't think of a better photo session for this post than with my ... 'Dark daisy' !!
Isn't she gorgeous ? :)

Thank you for popping by  !

Have a fantastic week !

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'Jazz Performance at the Art Cafe'

Last month, I have been invited by the beautiful Penelope Sai to come and take photos
of her performance at the Art Cafe'.
Taking photos in low light situation can be challenging and difficult to have pin-sharp photos but that's actually what I like about those type of photos, it emits a warm ambiance, a very intimate feel with dim light.  And Penelope Sai being a jazz singer, the setting and the feel was absolutely perfect !
(Thanks for the opportunity Penelope !! :)

Check out her website and to know more or to purchase her CD click on link here http://www.penelopesai.com

Penelope Sai at the Art Cafe':
Double Bass: Jonathan Zwartz
Keys: Sean Mackenzie

So many more photos I could post here but these are  a selection of my favourites where ... I wanted to capture those talented artists on a different angle, attention to details... with gestures, hands, facial expressions and feeling the music coming deep from their hearts.
I was absolutely thrilled with this photographic journey and the ambiance
that night was so gorgeous:)
Your comments or feedbacks are welcome !

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer: 'DEMON GIRLl'

Photo session with Cass who loves costumes and here, dressed up as one  of
those Japanese Manga animation movies...
'Witchblade Demon Girl'

Model:  Cass
Make-up/concept:  Myself

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'....Magic Mirror On the Wall...'

'.... tell me who is the fairest one of all...'

I recently had a Scrapbooking-challenge and of course, wanted to use my own photos/material for this, so this is  my vision/my interpretation of it... I wanted something 'dark' and have been inspired by the fairy tale of 'Snow white'
(Thank you so much for doing this for me Heather ! :)

Model:  Heather
Make-up/Concept:  Myself


Saturday, June 25, 2011

'Dream and Believe'

Photo session with Mel, 
a very talented artist...

Mel is an amazing talented graphic designer artist, you can see some of her work
in her blog HERE.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'Cheeky' Ballerina

I have always loved the beauty of a ballerina: the perfect posture... softness of the tutu...  the pointes...
the beautiful feet arch...
(but I did this session my way, love the result !
Thanks Heather ! :)

 Heather as:  the 'Cheeky Ballerina'
Make-up/concept: Myself