Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'Phantom of the Opera'

Photo session early this year for an advert. for Dance For Life! with the theme
'Phantom of the Opera'.   
(Seance-photo pour la pub d'une Ecole de danse avec comme theme: 'Le fantome de l'Opera')

... everyone had a bit of fun too at the end!! :)

 ... Too many photos to show, but this one (below)  was the pick for the advert. and of my favourite in terms of lighting, lift/pose/posture ect...(just to show that it helped to have a passion for dancing and have done some ballet in my...young time hehehe!!:)
What do you think ?

(Trop de photos a montrer mais celle de dessous a ete' la photo officielle pour leur pub., mais aussi ma prefere'e pour l'eclairage, la pose ect...comme quoi... ca aide d'avoir fait un peu de danse classique dans ma jeunesse ...(lointaine :)
Qu'en pensez-vous ?

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Darnell Collection helps celebrates the Harbour Bridge 80th Birthday !

Back on 19th March this year... (Charlotte Smith, curator of) The Darnell Collection helps celebrate the Harbour Bridge 80th birthday at Bradfield park, Milsons point NSW  with style and elegance of the 1930's era.
The day started very slow with a bit of drizzle rain but turned into a beautiful and glorious day!
Some pics that I took of those gorgeous models parading for the fashion catwalk...


and below...the magnificent structure of our famous Harbour Bridge