Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'Jazz Performance at the Art Cafe'

Last month, I have been invited by the beautiful Penelope Sai to come and take photos
of her performance at the Art Cafe'.
Taking photos in low light situation can be challenging and difficult to have pin-sharp photos but that's actually what I like about those type of photos, it emits a warm ambiance, a very intimate feel with dim light.  And Penelope Sai being a jazz singer, the setting and the feel was absolutely perfect !
(Thanks for the opportunity Penelope !! :)

Check out her website and to know more or to purchase her CD click on link here

Penelope Sai at the Art Cafe':
Double Bass: Jonathan Zwartz
Keys: Sean Mackenzie

So many more photos I could post here but these are  a selection of my favourites where ... I wanted to capture those talented artists on a different angle, attention to details... with gestures, hands, facial expressions and feeling the music coming deep from their hearts.
I was absolutely thrilled with this photographic journey and the ambiance
that night was so gorgeous:)
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