Friday, September 30, 2011

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer: 'BLUE WALL'

Hi there...
I've got that thing about... BLUE walls ! Just looove them ! and funny how they are always interesting for texture ect... and give nice colours to skin tones...
Definitely my thing for photography !
Well, couldn't pass that one found locally in an alley, and
THANK YOU  George  for playing along ! :)

Thanks for visiting!  Do let me know what you think of these shots and do encourage George,
he's been such a good model...
If you ever know an interesting wall or another blue wall ... let me know the location... I'd love to check it out ! ;)
(although... everything can be altered with PS of course, but i'd like to shoot actual places, I always get a buzz !

***NOTE:  I entered those 2 pics in a photo competition and i'm so excited because i've made it to the final 50 finalists with the 2nd pic ! yayyy !!***

Have a Great w-end !

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer: 'DArk Daisy'

Hello there...
Oh my goshhh ... time just flies... We are already in September and officially in 'Spring' season around here !! ... Been busy catching-up with friends and doing  few things on personal level ect... and....  I couldn't think of a better photo session for this post than with my ... 'Dark daisy' !!
Isn't she gorgeous ? :)

Thank you for popping by  !

Have a fantastic week !