Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer: 'DARK PRINCESS'

I ALWAYS wanted to take some shots at this location on a misty day (to give that dark/gothic feel to my photos), which means... really early in the morning, wintery, cold... but I was lucky that day... it was in fact... an early  morning in Summer can you believe this ??
I guess in the Blue mountains... you have to expect all sort of weather !
And Samy happened to be around so... was pretty thrilled about it !

(MERCI Samy si tu passes par ici :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue Mountains Portrait Photographer: 'PRETTY PRINCESS in PINK' '

Photo session with the gorgeous 'Grace' as the Little Princess in Pink.
It was such a glorious day that day (considering the past and present weather at the moment...)
and little Grace had an absolute ball dressing up and playing along !
Thank you to A and S for trusting my work :)

I just wanted to give an old feel vintage look to that photo and absolutely love the result from the picture below !
What do you think ?

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Have a fantastic week !