Sunday, February 28, 2016

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'Artist painting'

I drive everyday pass our little bus-stop in Medlow bath and was always wondering what sort of artwork will be done. (It was left for a while in white paint (in preparation of the work) but nothing was done due to the wet weather) and was thinking how long it will be left that way as it is often subject of tagging/graffitis.  Then I suddenly could see a bit of colour happening until one day, I stopped by and had a chat with the artist painting it.  
I thought I might have seen her locally and sure enough, is an artist of Blackheath.
It was very nice to have a talk with her and allowed myself to get some shots 'in action'.
Great job you've done Lindena Robb !
Our bus-stop looks so much better now and very colourful! :)

Bonne journee !
Have a good day !
Brigitte Grant x