Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'Victorian Wedding'

I just love shooting weddings.  Of course, it comes with the high responsibility of
getting the right shots and to capture the most important moment of someone's life
but I so love them. 
They are all so unique, so beautiful and so romantic.
I had the honour to capture a Victorian style wedding last March.
Considering the wet weather prior to the wedding (I mean...literally wet and typical Blue mountains weather for at least 3 weeks!)... can you believe this? It all cleared for the ceremony
for this gorgeous bride and groom.
Congratulations to Anthea and Scott and Thank you for 
choosing me to capture this special moment !

J'adore shooter les mariages.  Bien sure, c'est une grande responsabilite' de capturer le moment le plus important d'un couple, mais j'adore.
Tout les mariages sont uniques, magnifiques et si romantiques.
J'ai eut l'honneur de capturer un mariage de style Victorien en Mars.
Si vous saviez le temps qu'il faisait,  au moins les 3 semaines avant le jour 'J' !
(le climat typique des Montagnes bleues!) ... mais ce fut incroyable 
de voir que le temps 
s'est presque tout eclairci pour la ceremonie.

Felicitations a Anthea et Scott et un grand merci 
de m'avoir permi de capturer ce moment si special !

Thank  you for your comments !
and here is a slide-show to give an overview of the special day

Have a lovely week !

Monday, April 21, 2014

Blue Mountains Photographer: 'Next Exhibition coming up!'

Well... I told you last time that after my very first exhibition last year in October, 
I really, really ... wanted to do this again !!! :)

So when two  Blue Mountains photographers asked me to join them, of course... 
simply couldn't resist !!  

Whilst approaching our art in different ways we share a respect for, and an appreciation of, this vast and delicate land. The images are a reflection of each photographer’s experience in the landscape and the timelessness, the diversity and the preciousness of the natural world.

The viewer is invited to become immersed in this magnificent world of nature,to feel and to think about the beauty that surrounds them, to consider the importance of caring for it and ensuring its sustainability.

So if you're around from 10th May, do stop and come to see our work !
Have a fantastic week !
Brigitte x