Friday, May 20, 2011

'Welcome Home Lightnin Stone' (Project Illuminart)

This is something TOTALLY different from what I usually shoot but, I simply couldn't refuse the opportunity and had to finally share it with you ! (Thanks to you Dyonne ! if you're passing by !! :)

Some time ago, I have been given the opportunity to be part of an exciting project   ... to document part of a film production with lights projection.  A performance based on heritage of the Blue Mountains and stories of reconnection with ancestry.  

For the short story:... 'Nellie makes contact with Lightnin Stone in a cafe' (hence... the projection of the Victory cafe' :)... to announce that they are cousins and that they are of same ancestors... Lightnin Stone finds it intriguing and not sure to believe it so Nellie suggests that he goes to his grandfather's grave to find some answers.  There he has the apparition of his grandfather and then ... he starts to understand a little bit of his past...'

Still a work in progress and the crew has covered few other different scenes (such as with the Priest ect...)  and we are all hoping to be granted more funds for it so that eventually, we can continue/finish the film production.

This was a  most unique experience for me and taking photographs of lights projection on building/church was proved to be at time tricky due to constant low light but took the opportunity to shoot on different settings and tried different lens each time during projections nights.  It was few nights of uncertainty due to bad weather but eventually, everything went to plan and on the Show night, we had the perfect weather for it and ... even the full moon !  How awesome was this !!

The amazing work projection is done by the talented Cindi Drennan from Illuminart
again, Thank You Cindi for the opportunity, I really appreciate this !
and with the fantastic team of...

Producer and director: Nigel Glassey/Cindi Drennan(Illuminart)
Video: Craig Laurendet
Photography: Brigitte Grant
Sound engineer: Juan Withington
Ken Bromilow as Lightnin' Stone
Elise Anthony as Nellie
Robyn Martin as the Pastor
and Tina-Marie as... the Mission girl!






below, the fantastic Poster that Cindi Drennan put together with photos taken on different nights for the event !


This was a fantastic experience !!
To follow the project and the future happenings, their Facebook link is HERE ...

Thank you for your comments and opinions on this !


  1. De bien belles photos!! Bises. Nadine

  2. Excellent Brigitte! Je trouve tes photos magnifiques!!! J'ai aussi un coup de coeur pour ta préférée, lol! Gros bisous

  3. ces photos sont superbes, bravo
    bizz nelly

  4. Encore un nouveau sujet à traiter : pas évident et tu l'as très bien géré !
    Bisou ma grande.

  5. je n ai qu un mot...............; wouaw:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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